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Philosophy Forum

Each week of the academic term, normally on Tuesday afternoons, the Philosophy Department sponsors the Philosophy Forum, a program of presentations and discussions that range over a broad diversity of topics. Papers, papers in progress, book reports, informal reports, panels - the styles of presentation as well as the backgrounds of the presenters are varied. Not only Philosophy faculty and students, but faculty and students from other departments across the campus frequently both present and attend. Click Here for information about the upcoming forum.

UM Philosophy Society

The UM Philosophy Society is made-up of current undergraduate and graduate students.  The Society regularly sponsors both informal discussions of philosophical issues and social events.

Bugbee Lectures

Each year a distinguished philosopher is invited to deliver the Bugbee Lecture. Past Bugbee Lecturers have included Stanley Cavell, Alasdair MacIntyre, Annette Baier, W.V.O. Quine, Gordon Brittan, Hubert Dreyfus, Edward Mooney, Andrew Feenberg, Richard Gotshalk, Edward Casey, Bruce Wilshire, Hilary Putnam, David Chalmers, and Susan Haack. The lecture series is named in honor of Henry Bugbee, an inspiring philosopher, teacher, and friend who retired from our department in 1978. The Bugbee Lecture is now a part of the more general President's Lecture Series, a series that has included also the philosophers John Searle and Noretta Koertge.

Guth Lectures

The Brennan Guth lecture series is offered in memory of a former philosophy major, environmentalist, and world-class kayaker who died tragically in an accident on a river in Chile in 2001. Brennan´s love of philosophy and of environmental issues inspired many in Missoula to continue his legacy in numerous ways. In addition to the annual Brennan Guth lecture, a broad citizen effort in Brennan´s memory led to the construction of Brennan´s Wave on the Clark Fork River. An old irrigation diversion was converted into a standing wave for recreational kayaking where the river flows through downtown Missoula.

Institute of Medicine and Humanities

The Institute of Medicine & Humanities (IMH) is a cooperative venture of St. Patrick Hospital and The University of Montana. IMH encourages and supports learning and study in the humanities, as these studies shed light on the way we care for our sick. Established in 1987 upon ideas generated as a local physician studied with the UM Philosophy Department, IMH brings together health care professionals, humanities scholars and the community to broaden each participant's scope of understanding and compassion. IMH is community-based rather than functioning as part of a medical school.

Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program

The Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program sponsors a number of both regularly scheduled and occasional lectures, discussions, and programs relating to professional and applied ethics. The Program offers also a Master's degree and a special advanced studies certificate. Further information about the Program can be found at the Mansfield Ethics and Public Affairs Program web site .


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