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Mark Reiser

Mark Reiser

Academic Advisor - Recruitment & Retention Specialist

Email: mark.reiser@umontana.edu
Office: CHCB 120

Current Position

Academic Advisor - Recruitment & Retention Specialist

Personal Summary

After receiving my BS in physics in 2002,  I have spent the better part of the last 10+ years as a graduate student at the University of Wyoming.  After growing up in Wisconsin, I fulfilled my dream to move out west, where I spent the next 10+ years in Laramie, WY.  I was a graduate student for the better part of the last decade, studying in gaining experience in two different fields:  1) physics & astronomy, and 2) counseling.  In the area of physis & astronomy, I focused most of my energy into astronomy teaching and outreach.  As a counselor, I became trained as a mental health counselor, and then worked as a school counselor for two years.  Ultimately, I have always hoped to find a position that allowed me to combine my love of astronomy & physics with my passion for working with students.  Just this past fall, in 2013, I began working here at the University of Montana in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, serving as the Academic Advisor - Recruitment & Retention Specialist.  The position is an ideal combination of my background and interests, and I am eager to put my energies into helping our students develop and succeed!


MST in Physics, University of Wyoming, 2013

PhD in Counselor Education & Supervision, University of Wyoming, 2010

MS in Counselor Education, University of Wyoming, 2006

BS in Physics, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2002

Teaching Experience

University of Wyoming:

2009 and 2010:  Primary instructor of Astronomy 1050 (Introductory Astronomy)

2007 - 2010:  Co-instructed Counselor Education Courses  (including Counseling Theories, Pre-Practicum, Practicum, Doctoral Seminar, School Counseling)

2003 - 2009:  Graduate TA for Astronomy/Physics Labs and Discussions  (Introductory Astronomy, Engineering Physics 1, Engineering Physics 2, Conceptual Physics)

Summers of 2005 - 2010:  Astronomy teacher for Upward Bound/MSIP Residential Summer Program

Professional Experience

Through my years in academia (and some times inbetween), I have been extremely fortunate to experience several different professional settings.  As an undergraduate at UWSP, I spent 5 years working in both the university planetarium and astronomical observatory.  Upon completing my BS, I worked at a high school in Wisconsin as a professional tutor and substitute teacher.  After moving to Wyoming for graduate school, I trained to become a counselor while simultaneously teaching for the department of physics & astronomy.  After 5 years as a physics & astronomy TA, a personal highlight was having the opportunity to teach ASTR 1050 (introductory astronomy) at UW for a couple years.  During my summeres in graduate school, I spent 6 years teaching astronomy for high school students in UW's Upward Bound/MSIP program.  Finally, I was also fortunate to work with middle school students in UW's Astro Camp program.  

Regarding counseling experience, after my first year of clinical practicum, I served as an intern at the University Counseling Center at UW.  While with UW's Upward Bound program, I also spent several summers as the professional counselor for the residential students.  For two years, I also had the opportunity to be a coordinator and group facilitator for Wyoming's PhotoVoice Project (working with youth and families with mental health care needs).  Recently, I was the 9th grade school counselor at Laramie Junior High School (in Wyoming) for two years.  Finally, during my last semester in graduate school, I was able to work as a graduate residence coordinator, working with RA's and students in the residence halls at UW.


Having just moved to Missoula, I am astounded by how incredible it is here.  In my free time, I tend to be out hiking, trout fishing, biking, backpacking, or skiing.  So lately, I've enjoyed poring over maps of the area and envisioning all the potential areas for adventure.  It seems endless.

After a long day, in the evening, I am often out stargazing.  When indoors, and in the evenings, I have a love for music, reading, good food, and the Green Bay Packers.  All of these activities are best when shared with a good friend or two.