University of Montana Physics & Astronomy

Astronomy 132
Spring 2013

Professor: Dr. Nate McCrady

Office: CHCB 122
Office Hours: M 1-2pm, Tu/Th 11am-noon, F 2-3pm and by appt
E-mail: nate.mccrady (at) umontana (.) edu

ASTR 132N Elementary Astronomy II

In this course, we study our amazing, dynamic and varied Universe. We investigate our place in the Universe, and how we got here. We learn about the births, lives and spectacular deaths of stars. We consider familiar objects like our star (the Sun) and more fantastic things like quasars, exploding supernovae and supermassive black holes. Our studies take us from the very small scale of subatomic particles to the largest scale of all: the primordial radiation that fills the Universe! Along the way we discover how the Universe began, how it is changing, and its final fate, and examine the ways astronomers piece together this wondrous puzzle.

Prerequisites: High school algebra and geometry.

Final Grades are posted, as of Mon, May 20

Course Resources

Additional Resources

Sky Chart for February

Rotating Sky Explorer (as seen in class!)
Stellarium planetarium program (Free!)
Video: objects falling on the Moon (Apollo 15)
Orbital motion simulator
Doppler shift simulator
Binary star simulator

Reading on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis for April 30
Video: The Shape of the Universe for May 7
Reading on dark energy for May 9

Grade Updates & Extra Credit

How to estimate your grade (as of May 7)

Exam 1 Histogram

Exam 2 Histogram