University of Montana Physics & Astronomy

Astronomy 363Sun in xrays
Fall 2013

Professor: Dr. Nate McCrady

Office: CHCB 122
Office Hours: Tue 12-1 pm, Thur 10-11 am, Thur 3-4 pm and by appt.
E-mail: nate.mccrady (at) umontana (.) edu

Astronomy 363: Stellar Astrophysics I

The star is the fundamental unit of astronomy. In this course, we will establish a basis for studying the Universe with a physical understanding of the nature of individual stars. We will begin with the observables: stellar properties we can ascertain through direct measurement. From there we will apply physical principles from mechanics, thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, electromagnetism, and quantum, atomic and nuclear physics to develop a physical understanding of the nature of stellar interiors. In the first semester of the year-long course, we will focus on the internal structure of an individual main sequence star.

Prerequisites: ASTR 132/142, PHSX 215N-217N, PHSX 343. Corequisite: M 273 (Multivariable Calculus).

Course Resources

Useful Links

How to make a good scientific plot

Scientific constants

SIMBAD Astronomical Database

Binary stars applet for HW 4

NIST table of isotope masses (neutral atoms!!)