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The University of Montana, Department of Geosciences

Montana Institute on Ecosystems


  • Andrew Wilcox (River Center Director; Department of Geosciences, UM—Missoula)
  • William W. Woessner (River Center Senior Advisor; Department of Geosciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Joel Harper (Department of Geosciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Nancy Hinman (Department of Geosciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Heiko Langner (Environmental Biochemistry Lab, Department of Geosciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Marco Maneta (Department of Geosciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Christine Brick (Clark Fork Coalition)
    • Vicki Watson (Environmental Studies, UM—Missoula)
    • James Gannon (Division of Biological Sciences, UM—Missoula)
    • William Holben (Division of Biological Sciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Winsor Lowe (Division of Biological Sciences, UM—Missoula)
    • Mike DeGrandpre (Department of Chemistry, UM—Missoula)
    • Ed Rosenberg (Department of Chemistry, UM—Missoula)
    • Jack Stanford (Division of Biological Sciences-Biological Station, UM—Missoula)
    • Bonnie Ellis (Division of Biological Sciences-Biological Station, UM—Missoula
    • Ric Hauer (Division of Biological Sciences-Biological Station, UM—Missoula)
    • John Kimball, (Division of Biological Sciences-Biological Station, UM—Missoula)
    • Mark Lorang (Department of Geosciences-Biological Station, UM—Missoula)
    • Don Morton (Department of Computer Science, UM—Missoula)
    • Ray Ford (Department of Computer Science, UM—Missoula
    • Lisa Eby (College of Forestry and Conservation, UM—Missoula)
    • Willis Weight (Geological Engineering, Butte)
    • Chris Gammons (Geological Engineering, Butte)
    • Marvin Miller (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte)
    • Ted Duaime (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte)
    • John Metesh (Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology, Butte)



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Montana NSF EPSCoR

Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science, Inc. (CUAHSI)

Crown of the Continent Hydrologic Observatory: Flathead Basin

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