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We are a student-run web and design office at the University of Montana.

Spectral Fusion Designs

We are the web support office for the College of Humanities and Sciences at the University of Montana.

We also design, build, and maintain websites and web applications for other units, programs, projects, centers, and events in other schools and colleges at UM and for external non-profit organizations.

design. development. custom applications. optimization & accessibility.

We've made a name for ourselves through our stimulating designs which also meet usability and accessibility standards. We take pride in our advanced understanding of the design programs, web languages, and promotional tactics necessary to build a successful web site.

graduate research assistant opportunity

Spring Semester 2015

The Spectral Fusion Designs (SFD) Consulting Web Developer position is available to University of Montana College of Humanities and Sciences graduate students in a technology-related field.

Graduate Research Assistant Information and Application

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