Since we have a limited amount of space for staff, we aren't always hiring new employees, but are glad to accept and hold applications. If you're interested in a position, please stop by our office Room 103 in the Liberal Arts building and pick up an application.
If you have any questions about our employment opportunities, feel free to contact us.

Meet the Team

Past Employees

AmyStout – Program Manager

After completing BAs in Religious Studies and Latin at the University of Montana, I earned an MA in Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. While working on a dissertation, I switched gears and decided to become an artist. I earned a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Idaho and then an MFA in Visual Art from the Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2011. I am very happy to be back at the University of Montana, and I love working in SFD and CAS.

MaryWard– Senior Designer

I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design from Bozeman. I worked in the field for around three years but, decided I wanted to learn more! I am currently working towards an MFA in Integrated Digital Media. I am glad to have this opportunity to work for Spectral Fusion Designs and I am excited to learn more about the web!

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AustinSlominski – Programmer

I am a Junior here at The University of Montana and I am currently studying Media Arts (but previously Music Composition and Technology). Programming has always fascinated me and I am excited to learn. I began at Spectral Fusion Designs in the fall of 2011.

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ChelseyHaines – Designer

I recently transferred to The University of Montana to pursue a degree in Media Arts, focusing on film/video. I just started working at Spectral Fusion Designs and am excited to learn and expand my knowledge on web design.

GeoffCole – Content Manager

After graduating with a BFA from the School of Broadcast & Cinematic Arts at Central Michigan University in 2005, I moved to Havre, Montana to work in radio at New Media Broadcasters (KOJM-AM, KPQX-FM, KRYK-FM). In 2012 I returned to school at The University of Montana to pursue a MFA in Integrated Digital Media. I am very excited to work at Spectral Fusion Designs and delve into another facet of electronic media.

NicholeMitchell – Content Assistant

I am currently a junior here at the University of Montana studying Elementary Education. I started working at Spectral Fusion Designs in the beginning of 2013. This is a great learning opportunity and I am excited to discover new aspects of the web.

MichaelRothfuss – Programmer

I joined the SFD team in the spring of 2013. I attend the University of Montana pursuing a degree in Biochemistry with a minor in Computer Science. One of my favorite hobbies is to reverse-engineer anything with a function, ranging from obscure binary code to the seemingly simple f'real shake machines. I dream of one day using knowledge of Biochemistry and Computer Science to reverse-engineer the brain, DNA, and/or sentience. Until then, I am interested in using computers to aid the research/development of the sciences. Outside of my monitor, I enjoy vast, open landscapes, the serenity that is nature, philosophy, and the arts.

BenCampbell – Programmer

I am a recent addition to the programming team at SFD. I have been programming for years and am excited to become a part of a student led team. I am a split Computer Science and Applied Mathematic major and enjoy tackling large data problems and producing knowledge from information. My programming interests include large scale web applications, mobile development and applications, and systems programming.

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