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For the following scholarships, please see the linked forms for information on qualification requirements, submission dates, and selection and criteria.

The Blumenthal Scholarship

Blumenthal Scholarship Award of $300

This scholarship was established in 1988 in honor of Professor Albert Blumenthal to support students working in community related studies.  Professor Blumenthal received his bachelors and masters degrees at UM in the 1920s and later earned a doctorate in Sociology at the University of Chicago.  His publications include Small Town Stuff, a sociological study of Philipsburg, Montana.  This year the award will be $300.

The Eloise Baird Boldt Scholarship

Eloise Baird Boldt Scholarship Award of $3,600

Every spring, the Department of Sociology at The University of Montana awards this scholarship from a generous endowment established by the family of Eloise Baird Boldt.  The $3,600 scholarship is intended to reward the strong work ethic of an outstanding upper-class student as demonstrated by his or her financial participation in educational expenses, academic achievement, and ambitious career aspirations.  The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis by the Department’s Scholarships and Awards Committee based upon application and personal interview.  If the Committee determines that there is not a qualified applicant, the Scholarship will not be awarded for that particular year. 

The Kain/McKay Scholarships in Applied Sociology

Kain/McKay Scholarships Awards of $1,376

These scholarhops are intended to defray costs for academic projects that involve some practical application of sociological knowledge.  Applied projects can include internships, independent study courses, research projects, and omnibus work.  Applicants must be undergraduates in Sociology with at least 32 credits taken at The University of Montana, with at least two core courses in sociology and a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Three awards of $1,135 will be given.  Students can receive only one award.  NOTE: Students applying for this scholarship must plan to be in attendance at UM at least through Fall Semester 2014 (Awards for projects conducted in summer 2014 will be paid in Fall of 2014).  Being awarded this scholarship may result in a decrease in your financial aid. 

The College of Arts and Sciences Scholarships and Fellowships

CAS Scholarships

Students in sociology also qualify for a variety of scholarships awarded by the College of Arts and Sciences.
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