UM Watershed Health Clinic students have studied lakes and streams all over Montana.

Some are on the map below and are listed below the map. :

UM Watershed Health Clinic study lakes and streams.............................(map constructed by Eric Feeley)

Lake Name County
Ackley Judith Basin
Agnes Beaverhead
Alva Missoula
Ashley Flathead
Basin Creek Carbon
Bean Lewis and Clark
Big Moose Carbon
Black Canyon Carbon
Blanchard Flathead
Braziel Powell
Brownes Beaverhead
Browns Powell
Bull Lincoln
Clark Canyon Reservoir Beaverhead
Cliff Madison
Cooney Reservoir Carbon
Coopers Powell
Crystal Fergus
Crystal Madison
Deadman's Reservoir Wheatland
Delmoe Jefferson
Dickey Lincoln
Duck Flathead
East Rosebud Carbon
Echo Granite
Elk Beaverhead
Fish Lincoln
Fishercap Glacier
Frances Pondera
Frank Lincoln
Fresno Reservoir Hill
Gibson Reservoir Teton
Glen Lincoln
Hidden Madison
Holland Missoula
Homestead Roosevelt
Inez Missoula
Island Lincoln
Jackson Madison
Josephine Glacier
Kersey Park
Lebo Wheatland
Lindberg Missoula
Lower Basin Creek Carbon
Lower Miner Beaverhead
Lower Stillwater Flathead
Lower Twin Ravalli
Marl Lincoln
Marshall Missoula
Martinsdale Reservoir Wheatland
Mary Ronan Lake
Medicine Sheridan
Minneopa Beaverhead
Murphy Lincoln
Mussigbrod Beaverhead
Nevada  Powell
Placid Missoula
Redrock Glacier
Rock Island Park
Ruby River Reservoir Madison
Salmon Missoula
Seeley Missoula
Skinner Beaverhead
Spar Lincoln
Split Rock Teton
Sutherlin Meagher
Tetrault Lincoln
Tiber Reservoir Liberty
Twin Lakes Beaverhead
Upper Stillwater Flathead
Upper Twin Ravalli
Upsata Powell
Wade Madison
Willow Creek Reservoir Lewis and Clark