The H2-0 Waterfowl Production Area (H2-0 WPA) was designated in 2000 when a generous private party donated 1,800 acres to the United States Fish & Wildlife Service (USFWS). In 1979, the area was a working cattle ranch, but by 1990, the new owners removed the cattle and began wetland restoration and enhancement. In 1994, 35 small earthen dams were constructed across the H2-0 WPA to plug ditches that had historically drained natural oxbow wetlands across the property. The project added many surface acres of wetland habitat and was constructed under the direction of the USFWS, in partnership with Ducks Unlimited, Inc., Montana Department of Fish Wildlife and Parks (DFWP), the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and the H2-0 Ranch (under private ownership at that time). The USFWS and the DFWP work continually with surrounding landowners to assist with positive habitat management practices, and are therefore able to accomplish far more for the larger wildlife community by cooperating across property lines.

Wildlife in the area includes grizzly bears, elk, coyotes, red fox, skunk, wolves, mountain lions, white-tailed deer, northern harriers, short-eared owls, swans, numerous species of migratory waterfowl, and many more. Cattails and other wetland vegetation provide nesting, roosting and foraging habitat for many songbirds, shorebirds and waterfowl. Native vegetation is returning to the area, however, due to previous disturbance, invasive exotic plant species are a continued threat.

Employees of the USFWS currently staff the H2-0 WPA on-site and offer tours to the public. The WPA offers hiking access, birding and photography opportunities. Hunting, however, is not allowed. The H2-0 WPA is located along the Blackfoot River in Helmville, MT. For more information, please call (406) 793-0050.