Wetlands Need CPR

            The conservation, preservation, and restoration (CPR) of our nationís wetlands has become a national priority that is well represented in the Clark Fork watershed.  Government agencies, non-profit organizations, and individual land-owners have taken up the cause and have had some significant successes.  Large-scale projects such as the restoration of many wetlands in the Blackfoot River Basin have received national attention.  Countless smaller project go largely unnoticed except by flourishing wildlife and proud land-owners.

Like all Montana wetlands, the wetlands of the Clark Fork Basin are protected by the Montana State Constitution, by local citizens and by their public servants using local, state and federal laws.

Most of these laws protect wetlands, streams and lakes by requiring that:

1. government agencies carefully review and plan their actions so as to protect and restore watersheds, or

2. private landowners obtain permits before taking actions that could affect wetlands, streams and lakes. These permits require that landowners consult with government resource scientists and design their actions so as to minimize impacts to wetlands, streams and lakes.

Check out these websites to learn more about wetland protection Laws and Permits.