Clark Fork Basin Links
                western wetland plant key, with photos, and distribution.
                types of MT Wetlands, with nice photos
                DEQ’s  wetlands and lakes page
                MT wetlands clearinghouse
                Landowners guide to Montana Wetlands  (in adobe)
                Riparian Wetland Research Program (RWRP) at the University of  Montana
                RWRP wetland types and PHOTOS of MT wetlands's%20Page/WebPage%20II/rrshomeone.htm
                Upper Clark Fork restoration project RWRP
                wetland loss map, DEQ
                Clark Fork Coalition
                Blackfoot River Basin wetland restoration projects
                Montana River Info System (MRIS), fish database
MT Wetlands Council- landowner support/info
                How to classify MT wetlands-- Hydrogeomorphology of wetlands
                Pattee Creek web page

National Links
                interactive mapper, ask dr wetland
                streamnet map builder
                awesome bibliography
                hydric soils info (hard core)
                wetlands reserve program = opportunity for land owners
                conservation opportunities, good general info on wetlands
                interactive mapper, NWI
                EPA wetlands page
                GOOD EPA landowner assistance
                EPA types of wetlands, good, national
                ACOE table for wetland values
                ACOE pamphlet on recognizing wetland publication
                USGS Excellent wetland publication
                USGS history of wetlands
                USGS national law description
                RWRP Glossary
                Grazing strategies
                Wetland restoration searchable bibliography
                Birds of Montana Wildlife Refuges
                Butterflies of Montana
                EPA wetlands hotline, email and phone information
                EPA restoration page
                Invasive species page