This site is intended to help watershed planners identify useful information for the conservaton of the Clark Fork River basin, western Montana. Information is presented in 3 formats:

1. First, relevant information is listed by subject area. There are two lists of links: one of available information, and one of information gaps (or information not available in an easy-to-use form). Click on the first list to access descriptions, links and references to the information. Note that some suggestions are made for uses of the data, but these are by no means exhaustive.  The list of information gaps is presented to spur development of new information. This is information considered useful to watershed restoration planning, but not found in the sources surveyed. This is arranged by subject and not prioritized in any way. It is hoped that these descriptions will stimulate the development of this missing information. In addition, if the information does exist, it is hoped that those using the web site will inform those responsible for maintaining the web site of the location of that information. 

2. Alternatively, one may view a list of  key databases or information delivery systems. Many of these contain multiple subject areas of information. Click on this list for descriptions, contacts and  links (if available online).

3. Finally, a report on information needs for watershed restoration planning in the Clark Fork River basin is provided.


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                                      To go straight to the database itself, click the link after each title.)

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The Clark Fork River Basin Task Force has a collection of publications, reports, and PowerPoint Presentations available online at

A symposium has been held on the Clark Fork River Basin every 5 years since 1985. The proceedings of those symposia are available online at:

List of Clark Fork symposia papers on the upper Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers

List of master's theses on the Upper Clark Fork basin from the University of Montana Environmental Studies Program

This site was originally developed with funding from the Upper Clark Fork River Basin Restoration Grants Program of the Montana Natural Resource Damage Program.  The original web site is now hosted by NRDP.  Please send comments, questions or suggestions for other information resources to Vicki Watson or Christine Brick.  This site was created in April 2002.  Last Update: April 2005.