Key to Acronyms

CFDMS Clark Fork Database Management System
DEQ or MDEQ Montana Department of Environmental Quality
DFWP  Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
DNRC Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Administration
FWP Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks
GIS Geographic Information Syytem
GWIC Groundwater Information Center at MBMG
MBMG Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology
MRIS Montana Rivers Information System (soon to be renamed MFISH)
MSU  Montana State University
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NRCS Natural Resource and Conservation Survey
NRIS Montana Natural Resource Information System
RRU Research Reclamation Unit at Montana State University
RWRP Riparian and Wetland Research Program (Univ. of Montana)
TMDL Total maximum daily load
UM University of Montana
USFS United States Forest Service
USGS United States Geological Survey
VNRP Voluntary Nutrient Reduction Program