Watershed Analysis and Planning
Students have assisted numerous Montana groups and government agencies with developing & executing watershed monitoring and conservation/restoration plans, TMDLs, use support assessments, baseline & post restoration studies. Students have also written successful grant proposals to fund these efforts. The Clinic's Stream Team has covered a lot of Montana territory in the past 8 years as they helped the Montana Department of Environmental Quality characterize Montana's streams. A few of their recent stream encounters are recorded on this youtube video.

Watershed Action
Students get down and dirty restoring watersheds. Here are students helping replant native vegetation along Obrien Creek, Bear Creek, Pearson Creek and Warren Creek.

Obrien Creek

Pearson Creek

Bear Creek

Warren Creek

Warren Creek

Students also help restore uplands; here they remove exotic weeds from the Mt. Sentinel prairie, thus reducing the need to use herbicides.

UM s tudents and other citizens protect Missoula's drinking water aquifer by collecting household hazardous waste for disposal (below), and stenciling storm drains to prevent dumping waste.

Clark Fork River Nuisance Algae Studies
For 20 years, Clinic students have studied nutrients & nuisance algae in the Clark Fork, producing one of the longest,most complete data sets on river algae. This data set has been used by the EPA as a basis for setting national nutrient and algae criteria and was vital to developing a Voluntary Nutrient Reduction Plan for the Clark Fork River.

Volunteer Monitoring & Education Programs
In cooperation with Watershed Education Network, Clinic students assist & train local teachers, K-12 students and other citizens in carrying out volunteer stream monitoring programs. Students have also assisted the Montana Natural History Center in providing an annual Watershed Festival, developed water-related curricula for schools and helped groups develop web pages on their watersheds.

Webpage Design

Clark Fork Symposium

Clark Fork Basin Information System
Clark Fork Basin Wetlands
Watershed Conservation Course

Ashley Creek Watershed
Pattee Creek Watershed
Greening UM

Student reports on many projects are on the Clark Fork River Symposium website.

Public Opinion Surveys on Water Issues
Students have helped design and conduct public opinion surveys on water related topics.

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